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He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Ps 147:3

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Read how Dick and Donna have impacted the lives and ministries of churches all across America! 

Please let me commend to you the ministry of Dick & Donna Walls of Broken Vessel Ministries.  We hosted a Sunday in which both ministered to this community in powerful and effective ways.  Through story, humor and a great deal of vulnerability the Walls bring the message of God's restoration and wholeness to the brokenness of human life by using their own lives as examples.
Dick's story of incarceration because of the illegal activities of others highlights the ability of God to go with us into the worst of circumstances and not only deliver, but protect and empower as vessel in His hands.  Donna shares with children the need to care for others and guard our words with "BJ the broken-hearted bear".  She also shares her story of open-heart surgery that was anything but "routine" while they went through court proceedings, and how God met her at her greatest point of need with a special grace that sustains through all trials.
The Walls have been used by the Lord at our Church to bless and no doubt will bless your community as well.

Eric M Larsen, Pastor
Auburn Maine Church of The Nazarene

There was a gentleman that handed me an envelope and asked me if we could send it on to you. He, like many others in our Church, truly were inspired and touched by the message that the two of you brought. He wanted to give an extra donation to your work of Ministry.  I thank you for coming and sharing with us of God's faithfulness to His promises.  Our Lord is surely with us always and especially in our time of greatest need. Thanks for the Message.

Sam Boyd, Pastor
Church of the Nazarene
217 E. South Avenue
Harrison, Arkansas 7261

I am thankful that God takes our experience in faith and transforms us from the inside out preparing us to be used for His work. Dick and Donna shared the inspiring testimony of God’s grace with our church – adult, teens and children. They made a great impact on all of us, including my family, as we ate together and shared the company of the Holy Spirit. I pray that God will use them many times over to crack the shell of our hearts so that God in His love and mercy may fill us to fullness in Christ Jesus. I think there best ministry is ahead of them. To God be the glory!

Don Ballard, Pastor
Clearlake Church of the Nazarene
14310 Highway 3
Webster, TX 77598

WOW! What a day it was with Dick and Donna Walls last Sunday, 10-15-06, at the Haltom City Church of the Nazarene! The best Sunday the Church has had in a long time. Victories were won at the altar and church members grew up spiritually because of the Spirit of the Lord being upon the services. Brother Dick preached under the anointing of the Holy One of Israel. Sister Donna gave her testimony with such spiritual warmth and fervency that it stirred the heart and mind and spirit of us all as she spoke. Without hesitation I would recommend Dick and Donna Walls to any church.

The fact is I already have. My prayer is for thousands to come into the Kingdom through their ministry. I believe it WILL happen. The name of their ministry, Broken Vessel Ministries, illustrates their spirit of warmth and compassion for others. Keep it up!

Rev. Jim Graham, pastor
Haltom City Church of the Nazarene
5009 Stanley Keller Road
Haltom City, TX 76117

I appreciated your ministry tremendously. I know that God touched hearts through the Broken Vessel Ministry and there is definitely a blessing flowing from your faithful witnessng among us. One instance is: I had been counseling a young woman who came to our church for the first time just in time to hear you speak in Sunday School about how your ministry developed. Both she and her husband were greatly moved especially as some of the realities of incarceration and the judicial system were some to which they could relate. That was a priceless ministry just at the right time for which we continue to see the hand of God.

Thank you for your honesty and humor in relating your story. Most precious is that you allowed God to take a devasting and distressing situation and use it to His highest honor.
God's continued blessings on you both.
Naomi Sam-Kpakra
Houlton UMC
Houlton, ME

"We appreciate Dick and Donna's testimony. They were powerful. We especially appreciate how Dick talked so openly to our teens about making good moral choices for their lives."

Irwin Edwards, Pastor
Cozad First Church of the Nazarene
Cozad, Nebraska

"I have known Dick and Donna Walls for over 35 years. While I was in Husson College, I stayed at their home 3-4 days a week. They were wonderful church leaders back then and through the years. I knew their ministry would be first class all the way. The services at Boone Church of the Nazarene were inspiring, humorous, and met the needs of our people. Donna had been ill but God touched her and God's anointing was upon her and felt by all. Broken Vessel Ministries is recommended to all ages. Dick and Donna will help people draw close to God as He draws close to them. I highly recommend Dick and Donna Walls to your church--they are truly servants of God telling of the faithfulness of God in the good and bad times of life. "

Eugene E. Jipson, Pastor
Church of the Nazarene
Boone, Iowa

"I have known Dick and Donna Walls for more than twelve years. Since that time I have been impressed with their wholehearted dedication to the Lord through the many obstacles and battles they have had to face. I can say with confidence that the Walls will bless your church with their spiritually inspiring personal story. Their presentation will appeal to all ages. I heartily recommend Broken Vessel Ministries to your church or organization. They were a tremendous blessing to me and to our local church family and I am confident they will be to you as well."

Rev. Malcolm R. Schoener, Pastor
Hilliard Church of the Nazarene
Hilliard, OH

Donna, whatever you did on Saturday with the ladies was outstanding! I've heard several talking about the impact that your description of seeing the Lord had on them. It was an anointed time.

Dick, I thought you did an excellent job of illustrating how the Lord provides in the hard places. Your message speaks of tragedy as a life comes unraveled, yet hope as you demonstrated how God was there for you all the way through. This kind of message speaks to everyone.

Randall Wyles, Pastor
South Austin Church of the Nazarene
6711 Manchaca Road
Austin, Texas 78745






"It is very hard to express the mood of the ladies who heard Donna's story that day. She totally captivated us with the journey she took us through. God's Holy Spirit was felt by all. The story of the three tree's was the absolute best story ever, and the dramatics of the song "That's what I'll be willing to do" touched hearts so deeply. Lives were changed that day. Donna did a great job being obedient to God's message for us, but God deserves the glory for all the miracles He has done in your lives, and in the lives HE will touch because you are "willing to do" what He would have you do. Dick and Donna's message of Christ is something everyone of all ages should hear."

Linda Labby
Director of Ladies Ministries
East Millinocket Church of the Nazarene
3 Palm Street
East Millinocket, Maine 04430


 "God really used the ministry of the Walls to extend His grace, love and strength for the battle to our people. He has great things in store for Dick and Donna and many blessings for those they minister to!"

Angie Bentley, Pastor
Bristow Church of the Nazarene
Bristow, Oklahoma

"Thank you for having the courage to come back to your hometown and share your message of hope to hurting and disappointed hearts. I believe that your message was well presented and that you both blessed our congregation. I have had many people express their appreciation for your ministry. My prayer is that God will continue to open more doors and continue to lead you to a blessed future. I would recommend your ministry to any church. Please feel free to use my name for reference."

Herschel Hafford, Pastor
I Care Ministries
45 Spring St.
Millinocket, Me 04462

“Our church was inspired to do great things for God after listening to Dick and Donna. The response from the people was riveting as they were so challenged to rely on God in times of distress. They are indeed a couple God is using to help heal His people.”

Jerry Mick, Pastor
Bangor Baptist Church
Bangor, Me